Vast Oceans Surf and Sup School offers best surf lessons in Daytona Beach.

Let us know if you are a beginner, intermediate surfer when booking your surfing lesson. We will match you with an instructor that is the right fit for polishing your surfing skills. Our surfing sessions are of 1.5 hour duration. During the session, you will learn techniques such as proper paddling, positioning, standing, ocean awareness, wave timings, getting through the waves and judgment skills.

Vast Oceans Surf and Sup School believes in hiring only the best surfing instructors. This is because we know experienced instructors can make your experience enjoyable, safe and memorable. Our surf lessons in Daytona Beach will create memories for a lifetime. We are not a typical surf shop in Daytona Beach. We will provide you premium surfing equipment, exceptional service and expert surfing techniques and practices to hone your surfing skills to the maximum level.

Our stand up paddle lessons is our specialty. Our surfing lessons are available on a flexible schedule. We can set up a schedule that works for you. Our surf board rentals and surfing lesson pricing are competitive. We provide private lessons for individuals and small or large groups. Whether you are a first-time learner or an experienced paddler looking to improve your skills, we will get you there faster with helpful coaching and instructions.

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At Vast Oceans Surf and Sup School, our aim is to keep surfing fun and safe for everyone. And our surfing instructors are capable of making this happen as they carry long years of experience in the surf industry. They know how to make surfing lessons simple for learners.

Call us today if you want to know more about our surf lessons in Daytona Beach.

Highlights of our surf lessons :

  • 1.5 hour session

  • You will learn surf etiquette

  • You will have access to free surfboard, leash and other surf equipment

  • Free use of wetsuit, rash-guard t-shirt

  • You will learn how to paddle on the board
  • You will learn how to choose the right wave
  • You will learn how to pop up to your feet and ride
  • 1 hour practice time after the lessons
  • Availability of bathrooms, lockers, security
  • Excellent personal services

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